Management Consultant - Anton Eder

Since 1986, I have been succesfully supporting medium-sized enterprises mostly in the automotive industry, employed in management positions or as freelance consultant.   

In an assignment as management consultant or as interim manager in a management position, my clients can benefit from this long-standing and diverse experience.

My Credo ...

"Business is like riding a bicycle, either you keep moving or you fall down" 

(Frank Lloyd Wright). 
                                                                                  Anton Eder

Consultant ...

  • Process Optimisation and Digitalisation
  • Strategy development
  • Building new business areas and branches
  • Advisory board
  • M & A Consulting

Interim Manager ...
Managing bottlenecks and challenges ...

  • Bridging a vacancy, search and training of a succesor
  • Temporary needs of a particular competence 
    (E.g., reorganizing or business development of a department…)
  • Takeover and integration of a company after the purchase ...
  • and much more ...


Interim Manager DDIM®

Management Consultant

Anton   Eder

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