Management Consulting

Since 2009 I have been consulting management and shareholders of automotive businesses in the service industries. My main focus is on:


Process Optimisation and Digitisation  

Analysis of the organisation and processes, Recommendation and reconcilliation of measures. Implementation of systems in alignment with company processes and/or other measures. Steering and monitoring of the business transformation as project manager.


Strategy Development 

To develop strategies together and refine them, to determine factors for success, to work out steps/actions and to implement them together with the best of your staff and in doing so to take along the entire workforce.


Development of new business areas and subsidiaries
Organic growth and expansion of your range of clients and services, which ties many internal resources! I start the new business for you, look for a successor and /incorporate them. 


When things get complicated and some parts of the business weaken, an unclouded look from outside often helps to make the right decisions. I analyze and plan the turn-around for you; I also support the implementation or implement it myself as Interim Manager.


Member of your Advisory Board
Benefit from the strategic support of a management consultant in your Advisory Board. As an experienced consultant, who knows you very well, I can minimize the risk of important business decisions for you and at the same time increase the success of your company in the long run. 


M&A Consulting 
Realizing inorganic growth of your range of clients and services - there are additional  methods to the Big 4 of consulting firms. With instinct and dexterity I look for possible acquisition targets, analyze and assess for you and also establish contact between you and interesting targets. 

Project References

Type Industry Cntry Assignment
Optimisation Automotive D Intensification of the sales activities and processes. Coaching of the sales team and monitoring the results.
System & Process Implementation Automotive Service Provider UK

1. Introduction, process and system integration of project accounting including reporting, training and support.

2. System and process analysis, planning and system selection, implementation of modules for timesheets, expenses, holidays, purchase requisitions and invoices including authorisation. Intergration in existing ERP system.

Improvement Projects


Consulting & Production

UK Conducting analysis: Interviews on all management levels, understanding reporting,  processes, identifying weaknesses and strengths, developing improvement plan, introducing the plan to shareholders and agreeing on measures; supporting implementation or implementing the plan as project manager.

M&A Consultancy Projects

Automotive Engineering Service Provider  GER Defining target profile, researching long-list, filtering short-list, presenting all publicly available information, prioritizing selection, initiating contact, conducting interviews, creating or updating information memorandum, providing contact between shareholders, being host of first meetings and exchanges of information, supporting Lol and Term-Sheet negotiations, accompanying due diligence and plan integration
Strategy-Consultancy Projects Automotive Engineering Service Provider  GER Questioning existing strategies, deducing necessity of updating/innovations, methodically developing and prioritizing new focuses with  management from several levels,  determining factors for success and developing appropriate measures, checking results with staff and  picking them up, planing roll-out of new strategy and setting up project management.
Turn-Around Consultancy Projects Automotive GER 

Conducting analysis of business: Interviews on all levels, understanding reporting process and reports, conducting own analyses, identifying weaknesses and strengths, developing turn-around plan, introducing the plan to shareholders and agreeing on catalogue of measures; supporting implementation or implementing the plan as an interim manager.   

Founding of subsidiaries and new business areas Automotive



Evaluating market and clients, first talks with potential customers, renting office space and infrastructure, recruiting first staff members (sale and administration), communicating  new opening within market, establish collaboration with headquarters (processing of first orders), recruiting engineers, making base of competence available in headquarters, looking for and hiring of successor (site/branch manager), handing over transactions.

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Management Consultant

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